Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Starting A New Year

Our family Christmas present this year was a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. Friday, January 15th we boarded the Carnival Elation in San Diego

As soon as we were on board, Kendall headed straight for the pool. The kids had lots of swimming time.

When we weren't swimming (or eating ice-cream) we could play mini golf. There was always something to do.

We enjoyed the dinning room. The kids were brave and tried all kinds of different & strange food.
Our favorite was the "warm chocolate melting cake".

Sunday, January 17th, We were in Ensenada, Mexico.

We visited La Bufedora.
(The blowhole)

Jens and Ashton experience Mexico.
They learned the art of shopping and bartering.

It was a great day. 70 degree weather and the best asada and fish tacos.

As soon as we got of the ship, we headed for Sea World. We had a great time until we got rained out. We were told it was one of their worst storms in 15 years.

The vacation is over. No more fun in the sun. This is what we came home to. This is our back yard. You can almost see the trampoline. The swing set has a slide, but it is completely buried. At least we didn't have to shovel snow. Family, friends, and neighbors had everything dug out when we got home.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ashton's Second Deer LMAO

Well it has been over a year! Apparently nothing has happened, since last time Jonesie killed a deer. I have been trying to get Mickey interested in taking over the blog, but to no avail. Ashton passed several bucks that I thought he should shoot. He wanted one bigger than last year. He really was looking for a four point. We had seen this velvet buck earlier in the hunt and he decided if he showed himself again, it would be game over. He once again made an awesome shot with the muzzleloader and it was all over. I am proud of him for knowing what he wants and being able to hold out and then make a great shot when he chooses to. Ash is an all around great kid.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ashton's First Deer

Well, its been a while since I have updated. I need to try and get Mickey to take over the blog. Ashton and I had a great hunt. He was able to hunt out on some incredible private land bordered by the CWMU, that he is tied into, through his dad's family. We saw quite a few bucks during the hunt. The second night of the hunt, we were able to take Jens, Devan and Tanner with us as well.

We bumped into Cousin Brad Harris after leaving the truck. As we were shooting the bull for a few minutes, we had two bucks start fighting on the edge of the cedars. Ashton was the first to spot them. I ranged them at 168 yards. Ashton waited for them to split up and held right on the top of the back of the one standing broadside. The rest is history. He double lunged the buck and he went only 20 yards.

I am real proud of Ashton. It was great to have some of the boys best buds with us as well.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conference Weekend

Well, I didn't catch any General Conference, but sure enough, It was conference weekend. Terry, Travis, Brad (Travis' little bro) came down for some horn hunting. We had a few good hikes and picked up a couple horns. We got sidetracked a couple of times looking for arrowheads, and checking out some ruins. All and all it was a great time. Even found a lion track a little late in the day, and didn't have my phone to call in the troops. It would have really topped off the day, to have put another deer and elk poacher to death.

Kendall's Third Birthday

A ton of photos. Kendall had a great day. It is fun to see the baby getting all grown up. I would say Tate must be the more spoiled one, because his rhino is faster than Kendall's Huffy.

Camping the Last Weekend in March

It was a good outing. We rode motorcycles, and had a good time in general. The kids seemed to have a blast.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

He finally dropped!

Unfortunately, It was Punks bull. He did give me the invite, and the chance to steal them away from him. It must have been destiny, as much time as he had watched him, because he ended up picking up both sides. It only took two and a half hours, and he matched them up. I am happy for him.